Mission & Philosophy

Why We Do What We Do…

Haslett Child Development Center is a play-based program designed to support and strengthen family life as a unit by providing high-quality childcare care and education for young children. Our primary goal is to encourage and support the total growth of the child. HCDC uses a developmentally appropriate curriculum and methods of assessment that guide individual and group educational and developmental goals.

HCDC staff value education through play and sensory based learning experiences. The children learn using a variety of natural materials that aid achievement of developmental goals in the five domains of development: physical, social/emotional, cognitive, communicative and adaptive.

Family involvement and communication is also a cornerstone of an educational foundation at HCDC. Daily infant and toddler logs are available for families as well as informal communication through text message, email and phone conferences. Formal communication is offered through family/teacher conferences which are held twice per year.