Ages 6 weeks - 12 months and walking

Ms Joy has been the lead teacher in the Chickadee room for over 30 years. She provides a warm and comforting environment that our youngest children thrive in. The class is planned out using the creative curriculum methodology. The day is child led, and the activities naturally fit into the children’s schedules.

The children are fed bottles or solid food on demand and are allowed to nap or play as they please. As the children eat more solid foods, they will begin to participate in the food program and eat with the older students. The pace at which they begin solid foods is entirely up to the parents and Ms Joy works diligently to understand each child’s needs and strives to provide a seamless routine between HCDC and home.

HCDC is a breastfeeding friendly environment. Mothers are welcome to come at anytime to breastfeed their children. HCDC strongly encourages parent participation, and parents are always welcome in the classroom.